Feral Cats are the “wild” offspring of domestic cats that have been abandoned unspayed or unneutered.

Animal Spay and Neuter specializes in altering feral cats and returning them to their environment. Trap/Neuter/Return. See Alley Cat Allies for more information.

We have humane traps available for a rental fee of $60 cash to be used to trap feral cats for surgery. The $60 is refundable when the trap is returned in good condition.

All feral cats should receive a rabies and distemper vaccination, ear mite treatment if necessary, and an ear tipping of the right ear for future identification as an altered cat. We give a free dose of Frontline.

Small kittens born to feral cats often can be tamed. If caught, keep them in a small cage and handle as often as possible. Reformed ferals are good kittens for adoption.

Please contact Animal Spay & Neuter by phone for assistance with feral cat appointments for spay, neuter, vaccines and eartipping. (530) 889-8800

For more information on ferals visit Sacramento Feral Resources or HSUS link.