IMG_9171“There I was, just cruising along, looking for a little action when my nose smelled something attractive. Next thing I knew, I was stuck in this wire cage with no way out. Then I was traveling in a car to this place with lots of others cats, but they were not suffering the indignity of being in this wire thing.

Then I took a little nap and woke up to find my equipment gone and myself in quarantine. I guess I bit someone when I was sleeping, if that is possible. Ten days in quarantine proved lucky for me. All these ladies here at AS&N fell in love with my studmuffin looks and my exceptional personality. I figured if I worked it right, and was nice to all the feral cats and kissed up to the dogs, I could stay here and hire on as guard cat, blood donor and chief executive officer. It worked. Only trouble is, I’ve lost my cheeks and gotten fat, and my collar is covered with lipstick.”