Our clinic has been serving the community since 1993, striving to provide excellent and affordable dog and cat spay and neuter surgeries to the general public, rescue groups, and shelters. The clinic’s mission is to end overpopulation and the killing of animals in shelters; thus, spaying every cat and dog before they have any offspring is our goal. Our surgeons alter puppies and kittens that are eight weeks and older, healthy, and meet minimum weight requirements. Safely altering in heat or pregnant patients is also done here. Please be responsible and make an appointment for your pet today!

Our primary goals are:
1. Establish and maintain a low cost animal spay/neuter clinic that will provide a source for affordable animal sterilization to the general public

2. Decrease domestic animal overpopulation, ultimately lowering local governmental costs by decreasing the need for expanded animal control services

3. Ultimately decrease the occurrances of animal cruelty and inhumane treatment by decreasing the excessive number of unwanted domestic animals

4. Provide animal care expansion services, such as low cost vaccinations, which will encourage people to properly care for their animals and will aid in decreasing the spread of animal transmitted diseases such as rabies

5. Provide passive educational services, in the form of literature and handouts, to inform and instruct the public of the importance of domestic animal sterilization